Al-‘Ulūm Journal of Islamic Studies (AUJIS)

العلوم مجلہ علوم اسلامیہ

AUJIS is an interdisciplinary journal of peer-reviewed
research and informed opinion on the
various issues of Islamic Thought.

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About this journal

Al-‘Ulūm Journal of Islamic Studies (AUJIS)

-{العلوم مجلہ علوم اسلامیہ}-

Official Publication of Al-Karam International Institute (AKII)
ISSN: 2709-3484 ( Print ) | 2709-3492 ( Online )
Chief Editor: Dr. Abul Hassan Muhammad Shah Al-Azhari                                                                                      Managing Editor: Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Farooq
Editor: Dr. Najmuddin Kokab Hashmi

Subject Areas: Quranic & Hadith Sciences, Seerah, Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh Islami), Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh), Islamic Economics, Islamic Banking & Finance, Takaful, Islamic Work Ethics, Business Ethics, Comparative religion and Interfaith, Contemporary Issues in Islamic and Western Thoughts, and other topics covers Islamic ideology.

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